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EurAqua Symposium

Impact of climate change on water resources – 200 Years hydrology in Europe – a European perspective in a changing world

9./10. November 2010

EurAqua is the leading network for facilitating improved and co-ordinated water research, in support of knowledge-based water management and policy. The 35th Management Board Meeting will be held in Koblenz followed by the symposium „Impact of climate change on water resources - 200 Years hydrology in Europe - a European perspective in a changing world” on 9 - 10th November.

Germany is facing a 200 years official experience in hydrology started in 1810 by the enactment of the first gauging instructions. Reliable hydrological data in entire Europe is the prerequisite of scientific research. Hence the symposium will compile the state of the art and knowledge by the EurAqua-Partners regarding scientific policy advice and research on climate change and impacts.

The symposium will give a historic retrospect on hydrology in Europe, an overview on strategies, existing research projects and results. The German/BfG contribution is based on the departmental research programme KLIWAS (Impacts of Climate Change on Waterways and Navigation). It is embedded in the national strategy on adaptation to climate change. KLIWAS is aimed at estimating changes in run-off and water levels due to climate change for inland waterways, and at estimating tidal changes due to climate change for the coastal regions and the Sea. Changes in water quality and ecology will be assessed, economical aspects are included. The main objective of KLIWAS is to develop adaptation options for potential changing conditions for navigation but also other ecosystem services.

The symposium will reveal knowledge gaps and fields of research for mutual co-operation and proposals to the EC.

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Bundesanstalt für Gewässerkunde
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