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Objectives of the research programme KLIWAS

The purpose of the research programme KLIWAS is the assessment of climate-induced changes of flows and water levels in navigable inland waterways. In coastal waters, the question is how climate influences currents and tidal water levels and what consequences such variations may have for navigation. Other fields of interest are the span of such variations, their effects on the physico-chemical status (temperature, salinity, behaviour of contaminants) and on the ecology of waters, the economic consequences - especially for navigation - and ultimately the identification of options for the adaptation to changes.

Another purpose of this research is to provide decision-makers with a set of relevant indicators enabling them to find appropriate strategies for adaptation to changed environmental conditions. All adaptation options that the KLIWAS research programme will identify and assess for their effectiveness and their influences on other adaptation strategies will find consideration in this decision-aiding tool.

It is also intended to make the KLIWAS output available to other Federal ministries where they can serve as a basis for adaptation options in other sectors like agriculture or flood defence.

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