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The research programme KLIWAS is organized in five research tasks that are thematically intertwined, so that Research task 1 provides the reference data for the research tasks 2 to 5. The research tasks 2 and 3 are dealing with possible consequences of climate change for coastal and maritime navigation and with processes that may be triggered in the estuaries of major rivers, while the projects that are summarised under the research tasks 4 and 5 examine climate-induced impacts on navigable inland waterways.

Research task 1: Validation and evaluation of climate projections – provision of climate scenarios for the application on waterways and navigation

Research task 2: Changes in the hydrological system of coastal waters

Research task 3: Changes and sensitivity of the water body state (morphology, quality, ecology) and adaptation options for navigation and waterways

Research task 4: Changes in the hydrological system: Sediment budgets, morphology and adaptation options for inland waterways and navigation

Research task 5: Impacts of climate change on structure, ecological integrity and management of inland waterways

Each research task comprises between three and nine projects. The whole KLIWAS research programme is characterised by close cooperation beyond the limits of the individual projects, following the overall aim of creating a model chain based on a multi-model approach.

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